Watch Video Of Woman Breastfeeding Dogs In Saudi Arabia

Video Of Woman Breastfeeding Dogs In Saudi Arabia

 Have you seen the viral video of woman breastfeeding dogs in Saudi Arabia? As awful as it may sound, it has been claimed that such is the case. 

 Meanwhile, welcome to as we look a little into the trending claims surrounding a Kenyan woman breastfeeding puppies in Saudi Arabia.

 Kindly read to the end to watch the video!

Kenyan Woman Breastfeeding Dogs In Saudi Arabia

 Report has it that a worker in Saudi Arabia claimed that she was forced by her employer to breastfeed dogs.
 The supposed victim is a citizen of Kenya who reportedly left her family a few months ago to work in Saudi Arabia.
 According to informations available online, she was employed to breastfeed dogs in Saudi Arabia after she was found out to be able to breastfeed. But what a job that could be!
 Well, the video of the woman breastfeeding dogs has gone viral and the government of Kenya and other people have been prompted to the news.
 Reacting to the video, the secretary general of Kenya’s Central Organization Of Trade Unions, Francis Atwoli who labelled the act an “Indirect slavery” also called on the government to ban the employment agencies responsible for the migration of Kenyan workers to Saudi Arabia.

Watch The Video Of Woman Allegedly Breastfeeding Dogs In Saudi Arabia

What do you think about this inhuman act? Thanks for reading.
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