Trisha Paytas Welcomes Her New Born Baby In ASMR POV Video

Trisha Paytas welcome their new born baby in ASMR POV.

 Trisha Paytas welcomes their new born baby in the ASMR POV You’re My New Baby Video. It obvious Trisha Paytas wants you to be their baby!

 Reports have it that Trisha Paytas who had just delivered their baby girl Malibu Barbie, welcomes a new born baby in their new ASMR POV video.

 Welcome to as we digg a little into the new video of Trisha Paytas talking to her new baby!

Who Is Trisha Paytas?

 Trisha Paytas is a singer and popular YouTube star from American who has millions of YouTube subscribers.

 Full name Trisha Kay Paytas, wife to Moses Hacmon and mother of one Malibu Barbie, was born on the 8th of May 1988 in Riversides California, United States.

 She is currently 34 year and known for her lifestyle vlogging and coaching YouTube programs which records over 1billion lifetime views.

Trisha Paytas ASMR POV You’re My New Baby Video

 Recall that in the pass few days, Twitter has been on the rounds over the name Trisha Paytas gave to their newly delivered baby girl, Malibu Barbie.
 While many criticized her with some saying that the baby was the reincarnation of late Queen Elizabeth, Trisha Paytas has gone further to create a new ASMR POV video.
 In the video, she welcomes her viewers into the world as their new born baby while doing the binky, cutting and diaper stuffs.
 Reacting to the video, some viewers took to the comment section to express their unpleasantries.
 One which took our attention is the comment of a viewer who asked, “I’m a newborn how do I have teeth already?”
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