The Story Of The Paralytic Christian and Blind Muslim: Samir and Mohammad In Damascus

The story of Samir and Mohammad depicts peace and unity for the world to imitate.

 There are a lot of relationship differences resulting from religious backgrounds, but the story of Samir and Mohammad in Damascus will serve as an inspiration.

 Welcome to as we digg a little into an inspiring story about a paralytic Christian and a blind Muslim who were one in heart.

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Samir and Mohammad In Damascus

 The story reportedly shared on social media and across the globe portrays Samir, the Christian unable to walk and Mohammad, the blind Muslim.
 While Samir couldn’t walk and Mohammad couldn’t see, the both had to depend on each other to become their complete self.
 With that, Mohammad had to carry Samir on his back while Samir told Mohammad which direction to take.

The Connection Between Samir and Mohammad

  Samir and Mohammad were said to have lived in Damascus in Syria during the late 18th and early 19th centuries approx.
 They were also said to be orphans who squirted in a poor dwelling while struggling to fend for themselves.
 These two lived together as two lost but found missing parts until Samir died.

What Happened To Mohammad After Samir Died?

 The decease of Sameer got Mohammad emotional. He was sad and wept because his missing part that was once found, got missing probably forever.
 He reportedly kicked the bucket eventually as a result of the decease of his friend, his supposed missing part.
 According to a social media storyteller, when Mohammad was asked how he being a Muslim got along with Samir a Christian, he said that they were one here (pointing to his heart).
 With that, they both belonged to one another. Samir’s eyes were the missing eyes of Mohammad and Mohammad’s feet were the missing feet of Samir.
 With that, we at put it to you that regardless of religion and as long as we are in this world, we all need one another because we belong to one another in this world.
 “We encourage our friends and readers to change their ideologies about people of other religions, skin colours, ethnicities and put them on the lane of love.
 That’s the only way we can see and appreciate the usefulness of others to us.”
Disclaimer: although the story told may not have been documented historically, we believe it has the information that can contribute to the growth and development of the common people worldwide in peace and unity.
Feel free to let us know what you think. Thanks for reading.
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