Sweet But Psycho: The Story Of Isabella Guzman The Girl Who Stabbed Her Mother 79 Times

Isabella stabbed her mother 79 times in cold blood.

 Sweet but psycho, the story of Isabella Guzman, the girl who stabbed her mother 79 times in cold blood in 2013 soon faded away.

 The girl who became popular on TikTok after reportedly stabbing her mother several times in the year 2013 has come alive on diggwebsite.com to send a message across.

 Recall that in the year 2013, a murder case about a girl who murdered her mother surfaced online and sooner than later, something happened and it went viral!

Who Is Isabella and What Happened? 

 Isabella, the girl who stabbed her mother to death was known to be a girl who was antisocial and disliked her family.
 Report has it that she hated her mother in particular due to the way and matter by which she was treated.
 After Isabella’s parents parted ways, she was left to be with her poor mother who later took in her new boyfriend by name Richard.
 Isabella frowned at that act of her mother and took it has a rebellion against her father.
 According to reports, Isabella usually threatened her mother, letting her know that she will pay for all they did to her.

Did Isabella Stab Her Mother?

 Yes she did. But how did Isabella Stab her mother?
 One blessed day, Richard the boyfriend of Isabella’s mother overhead shouts and screams from the bathroom upstairs and when he went to the room, it was looked.
 Meanwhile, Isabella was inside stabbing her mother to death in cold blood.

Why Did Isabella Stab Her Mother In Cold Blood?

 After the incident of Isabella stabbing her mother escalated, she was taken and investigations were made.
 According to reports, Isabella allegedly stabbed her mother 79 times but further investigations indicated that over hundred and fifty wounds were found on the body of her mother.
 When Isabella was interviewed as to why she stabbed her mother, she explained that she was treated badly and that a voice told her the only way she could change the world was to stab her mother.

What Made Isabella To Trend On TikTok and Other Social Media Platforms

 Isabella become popular on TikTok after a video of herself went viral on the platform.
 In the video, she was tried at the court and during her trial, she gave a so called “sweet look” that got the attention of many.
 People began making clips of her on Instagram, TikTok etc, calling it sweet but psycho.
 The video got millions of views and that got her trending and Isabella became popular after stabbing her mother several times.

What Really Happened To Isabella? Was She Charged Guilty Or Not?

 Well, Isabella was discovered to have suffered from Schizophrenia. She was diagnosed by a doctor who later testified before the Arapahoe County Court.
 On that note, Isabella was found not guilty and acquitted.

What Message Are We Passing Across?

 Isabella had a family issue from childhood which affected her relationship with her parents and family members.
 It seems no one really cared to check on her to find out what she was suffering from before she ended up stabbing her mother.
 The trends ended long ago but life continues afterwards.
 Every mistake one makes, has a meaning to it. Discover them on time, so you can help people get things right.
 If you read well, you know better. All we are saying is let love lead.
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