Shanquella Robinson Allegedly Beaten To Death In New Video

 The video of Shanquella Robinson allegedly beaten to death stares reactions as family members call for justice.

Shanquella Robinson Allegedly Beaten To Death In New Video

 Welcome to as we take a look at the recent breaking news of Shanquella Robinson’s death.

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Who Is Shanquella Robinson?

  Shanquella Robinson is a U.S woman precisely from North Carolina.
 She was born in the year 1997 into the family of Salamanda Robinson.
 She is into online business especially boutique and said to be a loving and caring woman with “A heart of gold.”

Shanquella Robinson Allegedly Beaten To Death

 It has been reported that Shanquella Robinson had travelled to Mexico on a tour with her friends.
 On the 29th of October, it was revealed that she kicked the bucket but the tragedy of this tragic passing away of the 25 years old is how she died.
 With new video trending online, it is alleged that Shanquella Robinson was beaten to death.
 Her body was reportedly found in her hotel bed room in San José del Cabo. and it’s a thing of concern.
 While her family and internet users call for truth and  justice over her case, investigations are reportedly ongoing. 
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