Mr Reno Omokri Reportedly Claimed That His Receptionist Has Better Degree Than Peter Obi


Reno Omokri mocks Peter Obi over degree certificate.
Reno and Peter image from Vanguardngr

 Mr Reno Omokri reportedly claimed that his receptionist has better degrees than Mr Peter Obi.

 Report has it that Reno Omokri, the table shaker and former aid to a former president of Nigeria came out to make a mockery of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP).

 Welcome to as we digg a little into the issue trending as regarding Reno Omokri and Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in Nigeria.

  According to the happenings on social media ahead of the 2023 upcoming elections, the certificate of the presidential aspirant, Peter Obi has been released to the public.

 The release of the certificate has revealed the degree of which Mr Peter Obi received from the institution and it had since then enabled reactions from Nigerian.

 Mr Reno Omokri responding to the trend from his verified Facebook page at 3:32pm 21st September said, “Even my receptionist while I was in government has a better degree than Obi. After all this noise on social media, it is only a Second Class degree in Philosophy that your messiah has? Zenith Bank will not even employ such an educationally challenged character!”

 This has since sounded as a mockery and what some would call “disrespect” to the person of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

Note: the Peter Obi movement also known as the Obidient movement have been trending on every social media platforms ahead of the 2023 elections in Nigeria.

 The group includes the youths, men and women of Nigeria, yearning for a positive change in the leadership, economy and developmental structure of the general Nigeria.

 The members of this movement believe that Peter Obi is the man with the qualities needed to lead the Nigeria they desire. But does every Nigerian believe alike?

Disclaimer: this is but a news report from happenings online and for our dear readers.  Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of Diggwebsite.

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