Kogi Govt Seals Church Allegedly Selling Bulletproof Water

Kogi state government sealed a church for selling bulletproof water.

 It has been reported that the government of a Nigerian state has sealed a church for allegedly selling bulletproof water.

 The news that Kogi Govt seals church for selling bulletproof water has come to our notice and we’ve decided to give it a coverage.

 Welcome to diggwebsite.com as we digg a little into the kogi govt sealed church over the allegations of “Unwholesome Practices.”

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Church Closed For Alleged Unwholesome Practices

 Report has it that on Monday, the 26th of September 2022, a church known as New Jerusalem Deliverance ministry location in Okene local government area of Kogi state was sealed.

 The government of Kogi state ordered that the supposed strange church be sealed over “unwholesome practices.”

 While the pastor is under investigations by the police for alleged criminal activities including medical quakery, defrauding of members and church attendants, captives of the church have been set free.

Church Sealed For Selling Of Bulletproof Water

 The church among other allegations, have been closed for allegedly selling bulletproof water and conducting unregistered medical activities.
 Already, informations have it that a number of deaths have been recorded in the supposed church. The supposed decease includes pregnant women as well as mentally ill persons whom even after being charged by the pastor, lost their lives.

 Recall that Nigerian as a country is going true a serious hard time in connection with the economic and security sectors of the country.

 We suggest this is just another way of using the people’s problems to imprison them in the name of deliverance.

 Meanwhile, the Commissioner for Information and Communication, Kingsley Fanwo while highlighting the unwholesome practices and fraudulent activities in the church, noted that the governor ordered the sealing of the church after the unwholesome discovery.

 He also noted the reason for sealing up the church was more specific to the quakery activities that led to casualties from pregnant women to infantries just to mention a few. 

 In addy, He pointed towards the need to make do with the accessible and affordable government provided healthcare services.

 As Christians, fellow men and women in this world, what do you think should be done to checkmate the activities of churches in Nigeria and beyond?

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