Is China Running Chinese Police Stations In Nigeria?

 Recent reports have alleged that China has been operating illegal police stations in different countries including.

China Allegedly 6Running Chinese Police Stations In Nigeria

 A fresh investigation had supposed that the republic of china has established Chinese Police Stations In Nigeria.

 Welcome to as we look into the news making rounds about China running Chinese police stations in Nigeria.

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China Is Running Chinese Police Stations In Nigerian: How Could It Be?

 The revelation came as a surprise with commentaries from Nigerian bodies without a direct denial or confirmation on the legitimacy of the allegations.

Note: the allegation was made in the “110 Overseas Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild” by the Safeguard watchdog.

No Chinese Police Stations In Nigerian

 Meanwhile, it has been reported that a Chinese government official in the Chinese Embassy in Abuja had said there are no Chinese police stations in Nigeria, thereby denying the claims.
 While clarifying that China has non of such intentions, the official reportedly said that what they have is a category of service outreach to the Chinese communities in the country, Nigeria.
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