Introduction To Big Eyes Coin: How To Buy Big Eyes Coin Presales

This is how to buy Big Eyes Coin presales.

 As of recent, the launching of Big Eyes Coin has been trending with hopes of sailing in the crypto market.

 Welcome to as we look at the trending defi coin which seems to have the potentials of the top crypto currencies at hand.

 Surprisingly, we are discussing about a meme coin known as Big Eyes Coin!

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What Is Big Eyes Coin?

 According to, Big Eyes Coin is “An irresistibly cute community-owned defi coin that’ll make awww fortune.”

 Actually, Big Eyes Coin is another decentralized finance coin which has taken the meme similarities of the first meme coin known as DOGE.

 As of the time of writing this article, big eyes coin has a risen figure of over two million dollars (over $2m) in it’s stage two presales.

 The tokenomics vault for big eyes coin includes an initial liquidity lock for 2 years, a five percent charity to Ocean sanctuaries, no buying or selling of tax as well as no fees.

 In addition, 80% of its 20,000,000,000 tokens is said to be available on the very day one of the launching of the promising defi coin to the community.

 That sounds interesting!

How To Buy Big Eyes Coin Presales

 For those interested in buying big eyes coin, the good news is that you can make purchase using BNB, USDT or Ethereum.
 But do you know how to buy big Eyes Coin? The first thing you should do is to register with big eyes coin.
 Ensure you have a trust wallet account or a Metamask wallet installed and connected to your browser.
 Once you have your wallet in place, go ahead to connect and choose how you want to pay for the coin.
Note: for USDT, you will need a minimum of $15 to make purchase of the coin but make sure you have upto $20 in wallet.  Also for Ether and BNB, you need a minimum of $15 to make purchase.
 Also, BIG recommends the use of desktop browser for making purchase through Metamask wallet and Mobile for making purchase through Trust Wallet.
 In addition for USDT, BIG specifies that two approvals are involved in the purchase. The first which is for the USDT contract and the second for the purchase amount. With that, buyers are required to undergo both approval processes to further a successful transaction.
 So if you’re interested in this presales, kindly visit to secure your own space.

Is Big Eyes Coin Safe?

 With team verification by Coinsniper and contract code audition by Solidity Finance, we can say that Big Eyes platform is 100 percent secured.
Disclaimer: This is a report from and is in no way affiliated with Big Eyes Coin company. It is for educational purpose only. Kindly do your research if need be.
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