How To Overcome Pride


Discover how to overcome pride in life.

 Do you want to know how to overcome pride in your lifestyle?

 There is pride which is different from pride. The difference is that one is positive while the other is negative.

  Everyday in life, we come in contact with people from different geography and with different mentalities.

  There are people who seem to portray or demonstrate lowliness. At the same time, there are others who are puffed up.

 Each day, these two sects are noticed but often times, one always wins the bread.

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What Is Pride?

 Pride is an attitude which promotes an inordinate self esteem or elevation of oneself over others.

 The best way to describe the pride we are dealing with in this context is using the phrase, “full of yourself.”

 This implies selfishness which means that pride is a selfish attitude that puts full focus only on oneself while also looking down on others. 

How To Overcome Pride

 To deal with pride, you must practically do the opposite.

 That’s to say that you use humility to deal with your pride.

 In other words, to stop being proud over a thing, you should start being humble over another.

 For anything to take effect, it must undergo a gradual process. Below are 3 things to do to deal with pride.

1. Have A Reason To Be Humble

 If one must do anything and last in it, one must have a solid reason to start doing it.

 People do change a lot of times and everytime people change, they have a reason(s) for doing so.

 Like I rightly said, for you to deal with or overcome pride, you must go for the opposite: humility.

2. Decide To Be Humble

 Life is all about making decisions. Infact, the outcome of a person’s life is a result of his or her decisions.

 For instance, if you decide to spend all the money you have today, you know very well that you’ll be lacking the next day.

 Therefore goes the saying that your decisions today, determines how your tomorrow will look like.

 That means today’s activities can really change a lot about tomorrow, if we get there.

 And so, if you’re proud today and decide to be humble, tomorrow will definitely be better from inside out. But the choice is always yours and yours to make.

3. Learn To Be Humble

 Life itself offers a free training which can actually help a person in a proud state to exhibit a lifestyle of humility.

 It is therefore the responsibility of a person to respond to the teachings of life in a way that will affect his or her life positively.

 Humility is a state of being and if you must deal with pride, you just have to be humble.

 You can’t practice two identical opposites per-time, therefore you must learn to let humility take charge.

 Remember, it’s first about having a reason to do so, followed by deciding to do so. It then moves further to allowing yourself to learn it and be it.

A Good Example To Emulate

 The man Jesus is known worldwide and generally accepted outside Christianity as a good man.
 His lifestyle on earth and how He handled difficult issues in a humbled state portrays the perfect example worth emulation.
 Make out time to sit with a Bible and particularly study his lifestyle on earth and see how the knowledge can contribute to your mindset.

 In conclusion, it can only take a change of mindset for a change of lifestyle to take place in a person.

 When a negative lifestyle is dominating, there’s a need to change over the knowledge plug. Knowledge in this case is vital.

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