How To Increase Your Crypto Company’s Ranking On Google

 If you have your own crypto company, then you probably know that nothing can be more valuable than having a first-page ranking on Google when someone searches for certain keywords related to your service or product.

 However, reaching the first page of Google can be quite tricky if you don’t know what steps to take, so in this article, we have collected 10 tips that many crypto PR companies use which will help you increase your crypto company’s ranking on Google in the shortest time possible. Here are some recommendations for starting.

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1) Make Content Easy To Find

 When you’re just starting with SEO, one of your biggest challenges is figuring out how to rank your content. Thankfully, a little research goes a long way in developing solid strategies for moving up in search results.

 Keep in mind that it takes time to accumulate information and implement new ideas, so don’t be discouraged by slow or stagnant progress. Start here if you want some basic tips on optimizing your website and blogs.

 Or, if you want more detailed advice on particular topics like social media strategy or local listings optimization, we’ve got you covered there too!

 The right digital marketing agency can also help increase traffic through comprehensive keyword analysis and high-quality link-building campaigns.

 This approach can get tricky because many companies have already invested heavily in their backlinks (aka link juice). If done correctly though, backlinking can lead to increased rankings and improve brand visibility online and even translate into higher traffic from organic searches over time.

2) Create Engaging, Informative, and Up-to-Date Content

 When you write your content daily, you are telling search engines that your company is active. They will want to send more traffic in your direction, which will help you improve your ranking and brand awareness.

 When it comes to content creation, it is better to do more and do it consistently than to do less and expect results.

 There are always things that go wrong with marketing campaigns; however, content creation doesn’t have as many variables as other tactics so don’t be deterred if something doesn’t go right away.

 We suggest posting a minimum of three times per week with fresh and relevant content for the best results.

3) Build Backlinks Naturally

 There are several ways that you can build backlinks for your crypto website without having to worry about creating low-quality links that could be detrimental to your overall site ranking.

 The first thing you want to do is create a proper press release that helps link back to your main company website.

 If you’re releasing a new product, try adding some of these products to popular review sites like CNET or MakeUseOf and linking directly back to your site.

 You can also try adding comments on popular blogs in your niche or creating unique forum threads related to what you’re selling; both of these will help increase backlinks as well.

4) Ask Influencers For Help

 One of the best ways to jumpstart your company’s visibility is to ask people with huge social media followings to talk about your company. That way, you don’t have to worry about going out and finding followers on your own.

 Popular personalities will share valuable information that could help generate traffic for your business. Just make sure you have content worth sharing before reaching out. Otherwise, influencers might not be interested in promoting your brand.

 When you do reach out to influencers or journalists who cover similar topics as yours, try offering them something in exchange for their coverage such as a product sample or a coupon code they can give away during their review.

 In some cases, they may not accept any compensation at all; they just want to get their hands on a new product so they can test it themselves!

 And remember: It’s important to only approach relevant people who would be genuinely interested in reviewing what you have to offer. Don’t spam just anyone with a link or request!

5) Invest In Quality Content

 More than ever, search engine optimization (SEO) is about quality. The quality of your content and where you publish it are important for any company’s digital presence.

 Social media is important but not nearly as relevant as it once was to SEO and social media itself has undergone a lot of changes in recent years.

 If you want to boost your crypto company’s Google ranking, make sure you invest in quality content created specifically for your target audience.

 Build relationships with influencers: Influencer marketing isn’t just for consumer brands anymore; other business types can get in on influencer marketing by building relationships with industry experts and thought leaders who have built up an audience over time or who are known as authorities on their topic of choice.

6) Promote, Promote, Promote!

 The greatest marketing tool in your arsenal is organic word-of-mouth, so make sure you give your users reasons to rave about your company. Offer bonuses and discounts if they refer friends.

 Don’t be afraid to reach out to other crypto companies and ask them to do cross-promotions with you; after all, competition is healthy! Just make sure you don’t violate any terms of service in doing so.

 Provide easy access: The best way for people to learn about your company is through search engines like Google and Bing, which means that making it easier for people to find you online will increase traffic on a larger scale than anything else (save product releases). The more easily accessed your site is, as well as its content, the better!


7) Get Listed On Influential Sites

 You must be noticeable if you want your firm to expand. One of the best ways to ensure visibility is through search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re not familiar with SEO, it refers to strategies aimed at increasing a website’s ranking in search engines like Google and Bing.

 It’s an important part of any digital marketing campaign, but can be particularly effective for companies that are starting. Here are some tips for getting started:

  1.  Optimize your site’s name: Search engines will look at how many times your company name appears on a page, so make sure it appears as often as possible. This will help boost your company’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Try adding it to page titles, headers, and image alt tags whenever possible. You should also include links to external sites that use your company name as well as mentions of its products or services throughout the content on your site.
  2.  Optimize URL structure: While there are no hard-and-fast rules about what URLs should look like for different types of websites, there are certain conventions you should follow if you want to optimize them for SEO purposes.

8) Use Social Media To Your Advantage

 Add popular hashtags to your tweets, posts, and uploads so that you show up in related searches on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure your content may be shared as well.

 The more users share your stuff, both on social media and across other platforms, like YouTube, the higher it will rank in search results. Encourage people to subscribe to your channels or sign up for email updates from your website.

 Don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers with lots of followers; they can give you a boost in traffic by sharing what you’ve created.

9) Optimized your meta descriptions with relevant keywords

 Search engines use meta descriptions to understand what your page is about, so it’s important to include keywords. Include your most relevant keyword in your meta description (not necessarily your brand name), and try different variations to see which ones drive higher click-through rates.

 Optimize your title tags: Along with driving clicks, search engines also use title tags to figure out what a page is about. Title tags should be as descriptive as possible, contain relevant keywords, and help users decide whether or not they want to click through. Try using different variations of titles with slightly altered wording and see which one brings in more traffic over time.

10) Analyze Your Competitors’ Efforts And Copy Their Best Practices

 You can learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t by studying your competitors’ activities. The best way to do that is by using a service like SimilarWeb, which not only tells you who your competition is but also gives you great data on their online efforts.

 If they are running ads, you can see how they are performing in terms of traffic, clicks, and more. You can also gauge how much of their marketing budget is going toward SEO to help guide your own decisions.

 Finally, you can look at where visitors are coming from and learn if there is any geographic bias or other patterns that may inform future campaigns.


 As Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies have been getting more and more attention in the past few years, cryptocurrency companies have been reaping the benefits of their hard work in the form of Google rankings.

 So if you are working in the crypto industry, you are probably wondering how to improve your ranking on Google, so that more people will be able to find your company on Google’s search engine. 

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