How To Create Poll On Facebook 2023

Create a Poll on Facebook: After adding polls to Instagram Stories for a few months, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new feature will now let users add polls to NewsFeed. Vote in a Facebook poll.

Polls can only have two options, which can be made more interesting with pictures or GIFs. They can be shared the same way you’d update your status, but one of the most important things to know is that these polls are not anonymous. It’s not clear if Facebook will ever use private polls.

Vote Poll On Facebook

Here’s how you can create a poll on Facebook:

  1. Log in to Your Account: Open your web browser and go to the Facebook website. Log in to your account using your username and password.
  2. Create a New Post: From your Facebook newsfeed or profile page, locate the “Create Post” box at the top of the feed. It usually has a text field that says “What’s on your mind?” Click on it to start creating a new post.
  3. Add Poll Options: In the post creation box, you should see a set of options above the text field, such as “Tag Friends,” “Feeling/Activity,” etc. Among these options, there should be a “…” (ellipsis) button or a “Poll” option. Click on this to create a poll.
  4. Compose Your Poll: A pop-up window should appear that allows you to create your poll. Enter the question you want to ask in the “Ask something…” field. Then, in the “Options” section, you can add the different poll choices. Facebook usually allows you to add up to two options for a basic poll, and you can click “Add Option” to add more.
  5. Set Poll Duration (Optional): Depending on the options available, you might be able to set how long you want the poll to be active. Some options might include a specific duration or an end date.
  6. Privacy Settings: Choose who you want to be able to participate in the poll. You can usually set the privacy settings for the poll post just like you would for any other Facebook post. You can choose to make it public, visible to friends only, or customize the audience.
  7. Publish the Poll: Once you’ve entered your poll question, options, and adjusted the settings, click the “Post” button. This will create the poll post on your profile or newsfeed.
  8. Interact with the Poll: Your friends and followers will now see the poll in their feeds and can vote on it by selecting one of the options you provided. They simply need to click on the option they prefer to cast their vote.

Please remember that Facebook’s interface and features may change over time, so the steps might not be exactly as described above. If you’re having trouble finding the poll option or the process has changed, I recommend checking Facebook’s official help resources or community forums for the most up-to-date information on creating polls. Kindly share!!

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