Gonda Doctor Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit

 Have you seen the trending gonda doctor viral video on Twitter and Reddit?

Watch Gonda Doctor Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit

 The video which was revealed recently to the public has been making rounds on the internet.

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Gonda Doctor Viral Video

 The video is precisely a revelation of an incident which occured allegedly with a doctor and his patient.
 According to reports, a Honda doctor was alleged to have abused his patient sexually after she visited his clinic for consultations.
 In the video uploaded on social media, the event was reported with the woman who was identified as the victim.

Gonda Doctor Ajmal Sheikh Has Been Held Over Rape Case

 Informations available to us reveals that the woman reported the doctor who goes by the name Ajmal Sheikh to the appropriate authority.
 In her words, she narrated that Dr Ajmal Sheikh took her to a room where he raped her.
 She rushed home after having regained consciousness. The doctor also threatened her with dire consequences if she reported the matter to the police. 
 Fortunately, she informed my husband and then the public has been made aware of this.
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