Examples Of Customer Relationship Management


Read the examples of customer relationship management.

 Every successful business should have one or more of these customer relationship management examples in their system.

 Generally, business on its own is competitive. And the implementations that enables connection and interaction with customers are not worth overlooking.

 The implications can affect a company in a long term. Consider for instance, the enormous businesses established compared to the new ones coming.

 When customers are not given due attention to their satisfaction, there’s high possibilities of losing them to another.

 Below are some Examples of Customer Relationship Management for your business and for the maintenance of your relationship with customers.

Note: it is good to have new customers and better to keep loyal customers.

Examples Of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Feedback Management

 CFM an abbreviation for Customer Feedback Management is an integration by businesses and organizations to customers’ complaints and suggestions.

 Wells Fargo is a company often used as a good example of businesses using CFM as a Customer Relationship Management Examples.

 The company uses cloud-based CRM software to give the best customer service and streamline efficiencies throughout the company.

 Many of Wells Fargo clients, choose to communicate with the bank through its social media sites.

 A notable example of Customer Relationship Management Examples, CFM, is Wells Fargo’s use of their technology to track and respond to client inquiries left on all of their social media sites.

 On the honest part, customers appreciate having multiple ways to contact a company and equally get responses to their complaints and suggestions.

 Providing this service thereby, aids a good relationship between the customers and companies of concern.

Consistent Responses through Automation

 According to a Ubisend study, 21% of consumers believe live chat-bots are the most convenient way to contact a company.

 Assuring that every customer who contacts you with a question or problem receives a response is an important part of good relationship management.

 You can set up your CRM software to automatically respond with a quick message.

 This is because speedy answer will make a consumer happy and satisfied.

 That way, you can keep the discussion running while your human staff investigate the problem and respond with a more tailored message.

 Remember, using the finest chatbots to automate customer service can redefine your customer satisfaction rates. That’s an example of customer relationship management.


 Another Customer Relationship Management Examples similar to the automated response system is the provision of live assistance.

 The live assistance is an example of customer relationship management which terms to increase customers’engagement with products and services.

 Infact, according to Aberdeen Group’s research, organizations who use visual engagement tools boost annual revenue by 83 percent yearly.

 As a result, the engagement also aids an achievement of almost 3 times more improvement in customer effort score.

 With that being said, customers receive faster and in-person interaction by using visual technologies such as live messaging or video chat.

 And instead of having to go to locations or branches of an organization to resolve a matter, they leverage on the provided live support and get matters resolved.


 Other Customer Relationship Management Examples include:

  • Customer service done via social media.
  • Customer Behavior Monitoring
  • Having a presence across all platforms.
  • Business Analytics Enablement.
 All these come together to make up customer relationship management examples.
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