Ethiopian Airlines Bans Visa On Arrival For Nigerian Citizens

Ethiopian airlines scrapped visa on arrival for Nigerian citizens.

 The new rule by Ethiopian Airlines Bans the issuance of visa on arrival to Nigerians.

 Recent report has it that Ethiopia has stopped giving out visa on arrival to Nigerian citizens.

 Welcome to as we digg a little into the new rule by Ethiopian airlines which had restricted Nigerians going to Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia Bans Visa On Arrival For Nigeria

 As it may sound, there have been changes to the usual system of visa issuance to Nigerians who travel to Ethiopia.
 The news which circulated on Tuesday, have it that the Ethiopian airlines informed Nigerian passengers that started immediately, visas on arrival will no longer be offered to Nigerians.
 When the news first got to us, we thought the usage of visa in Ethiopia was banned for Nigerian but not so!
 Rather, it is said that the airlines banned “visa on arrival” for Nigerians. That said, Nigerians are expected to get their visa before traveling to Ethiopia.

Where To Get Ethiopian Visa In Nigeria

 According to the airlines, Nigerian citizens are advised or rather told to get their visas from the Ethiopian Embassy in Abuja before embarking on the transportation.
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