Comedian Leo Gallagher Popular For Watermelon Smashing Dies At Age 76

 Comedian Leo Gallagher watermelon smashing comedy routine dies at the age of 76.

Comedian Leo Gallagher Popular for Watermelon smashing comedy dies at 76.

 Welcome to Diggwebsite as we take a look at the news report over the death of Leo Gallagher of North Carolina.

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Who Is Leo Gallagher Of Watermelon Smashing?

 Like we already noted, Leo Gallagher is an American comedian who is well known for his watermelon smashing comedy routine alongside other interesting shows of his.
 Leo Gallagher is a native of North Carolina who attended the university of South Florida and succeeded a degree before journeying fully into Comedy creation.
 He is a family man with children and relatives who actually associated with him even before he kicked the bucket.

Comedian Leo Gallagher Dies At Age 76

 The news of Leo Gallagher came as a surprise to many. It was revealed that he passed away after battling with health issues.
 Like we noted before, reports have it that his lovely family surrounded him in Palm Springs, California, as he departed from the flesh.
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