Chandigarh University Viral Video News: 60 Girls Viral Video

Suspects of Chandigarh university girls viral video have been arrested.

 An alleged Chandigarh University girls viral video has been trending on twitter, TikTok, reddit and YouTube. The students protested afterwards!

 Report has it that a student of Chandigarh University took the supposed “60 girls viral video” bathing together and sent to a supposed Shimla who uploaded the 60 girls video online.

 Welcome to as we look into the alleged Chandigarh University girls viral video trending online.

Chandigarh University Viral Video Case: 60 Girls Viral Video

 The video of Chandigarh university going viral has been brought to the knowledge of the management of Chandigarh university.
 We withheld writing about the Chandigarh university viral news as we were looking forward to hear from the school management but it seems nothing from them has been made known to the public.
 In the video, 60 girls were recorded by another student while taking their bath and as usual, social media got it trending.

60 Girls Viral Video: 8 Suicide Attempts Reported

 Meanwhile, the breakout of the video has led to a reported 8 suicide attempts by the supposed girls.
 According to Chandigarh university news on of social media, the student who recorded the 60 girls video had reportedly admitted that she actually took the video and sent to a guy.
 Furthermore, the unidentified person who received the video went further to upload them online and the video of the girls started going viral on Twitter, TikTok telegram, reddit, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video News Update

 The students of the university reportedly reacted to get the management of the university to work on the arising matter.
 While looking forward to a settlement on this issue, we learnt that the Punjab Women’s Commission chairperson assured the students that soon the video or videos will be taken off the internet.
 Also, the area police has reportedly arrested the said student who took the video and are out for their partner(s) in crime.
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 We encourage everyone to stop sharing the alleged 60 girls viral video of Chandigarh university students. Thank you.
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