Alex Unusual Finally Reacts After Rico Swavey Kicked The Bucket

 Alex Unusual finally reacts against hospitals who delay victims because of money, releases courses over the death of Rico Swavey.

Alex Unusual Finally Reacts After Rico Swavey Kicked The Bucket along with other platforms had reported that Rico Swavey is Dead. He died on the 13th of October 2022, at age 29 after being involved in an accident.

 We learnt that videos of Rico Swavey before he passed on, had been released online. It’s questionable of what benefits it is for people to be more interested in video taking than attending to a person in an ill state.

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Alex Unusual Post Against Hospitals After The Death Of Rico Swavey

 While many people including Angel and Tobi reacted to the news of Rico Swavey’s death, Alex Unusual Post had gotten many attention as she lavishes curses on those dealing carelessly with lives because of money.
Alex Unusual Post goes in this manner:
 “My God punish these hospitals that take time to start working on people that are rushed to hospitals!!!, She said.
 “I hate you all!! You are all horrible!! You’ve cause us so much pain all for what?” Alex added.
 She continued by saying, “What is money that you let lives go like this by stalling? I HATE YOU!!!!
 “You all deserve hell fire! The hottest and most wicked corner”, Alex said in conclusion, referring to the kind of hospitals she was talking about.
 For the purpose of clarity, Alex is a colleague to the deceased and among the mourners.
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