Airplane Propeller Accident Killed A 21 Years Old Georgia Student

 A Georgian college student has been reported dead as a result of an Airplane Propeller Accident.

Freaking Airplane Propeller Accident Killed A 21 Years Old Georgia Student

 Welcome to are we look into the saddening passing away of a Georgian student from a plane propeller accident.

Airplane Propeller Accident, 21 Years Old Georgia Student Killed

 According to reports, the student rented an airplane for the first time for a date with his friend but was killed instantly by the propeller of the plane.

 The 21 years old Sani Aliyu who lost his life is a Nigerian and student of the Georgia Southern university.

 We learnt that Sani had boarded the plan successfully with two pilots on a romantic date with lover in Savannah.

 His death occurred while he returned and landed back in Statesboro. He reportedly kicked the bucket right in front of his partner.

 According to Coroner Jake Futch, after they landed, the lady went out walking towards the back of the plane while Sani came out walking towards the front.

 While he did walked, the propeller hit him and he died instantly even with the ambulance called to the scene.

 The university has been made aware of the incident with a family relation. The Federal Aviation Administration with the National Transportation Safety Board also turned up to investigate the incident.

Airplane Propeller Accident Under Investigation

 According to Federal Aviation Administration, the aircraft is a small aircraft with seats for 4 people reported as 2005 Cessna 172S.

 It was registered by the American Aviation Inc. in Brooksville, Florida, US.

 Meanwhile, Captain Todd Hutchens had said that the incident is but an accident and that no one is actually at fault.

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